Origin: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic / Bronies

Self-Made Owner: The Great Jug

You think that's whining? THIS IS WHININGGGGGG~


Rarity is perhaps the most well-spoken of the main six ponies; her vocabulary tends to be more formal, and she is prone to use complex words and more sophisticated, refined phrasing than the others. She speaks with a cultivated , and shares some mannerisms with similarly accented Hollywood actresses, such as Grace Kelly.

VSH AbilitiesEdit

  • Passive - Whine:

Players can no longer deal self damage. EG Rockets, sentries, stickies. Scouts can no longer double jump. Dealing damage to Rarity slows the player for 1.5 seconds.

  • Rage Ability - Tantrum

Rarity begins shouting, screaming and stamping, causing an earthquake that slows down all players down around her, players may still peform any action while the ability is active.

Tips for playing as RarityEdit

  • Use Tantrum to catch Scouts or fleeing players.
  • Remember that players can still perform any action while your rage is active.
  • Be wary of sentries, as they are still active during the rage.

Tips for playing against RarityEdit

  • As a Scout, when Rarity uses her rage, constantly jump in hopes of avoiding Rarity's attacks.
  • As a Pyro, afterburn still counts as your attacks, which means her passive will slow you down. Make sure you're far away before firing your flares.
  • If you're playing as a Heavy, keep shooting Rarity while she uses her ability as it may put her off or knock her away from teammates.
  • The inability to secondary jump puts you on the same level as her, plan accordingly!
  • Her new passive doesn't allow you to rocket jump. Heavy-Medic combos are now the most recommended. Without the Soldier's ability to rocket jump, a Medic's mobility is limited.
  • Any spot that you can normally jump to as a Heavy (Like a buch of boxes, high fences, etc. is best because knockback from your minigun will stop her from coming.
  • Due to the lack of double jump, spies disguised as scouts are easier to blend in.
  • A Demoman with the Ullapool Caber is able to do HUGE damage if he can get paired with a Medic. the lack of self-knockback and self-damage combined with a weapon that can deal over 300+ damage is deadly!

Alternatives of RarityEdit

Sweetie Belle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) is Rarity's current alt. She is identical to her counterpart.

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