Latest news and releases regarding bossesEdit

  • Bosses will no longer generate rage during last pyro. Rage can still be used however. 
  • Bosses can no longer Goomba Stomp during a Minigame (Scoutrush etc, think Boss camping at top of Crevice caves etc) 
  • Added Streak Rewards
  • Disabled the Flaming Effect on Saxton Hale. (Conflicts with Shadow / Ninja Unusuals)
  • Blazing Sparks - Firetrail has been removed.
  • Christian Brutal Sniper - Goomba disabled during rage.
  • Guardian - "Extreme" Bloodsense disabled for the final player.
  • Joker - Rage will no longer teleport Joker on top of an unfortunate player.
  • Joker - No Longer Taunts during rage.
  • Manson / Octavia - Trap boxes now cost ~50 rage to use (Scales to HP Remaining).
  • Manson / Octavia - Lowered max trap box limit from 5 to 3.
  • Nocturne - Rage no longer disables Roll the Dice.
  • Painis Cupcake -  Max health gain from eating people reduced from 500 to 250.
  • Painis Cupcake -  Speed Boost passive removed.


In the VS Saxton Hale mod, there is only one player on the opposite team, who is playing as the Boss, and all other players are on BLU in a fight for survival. Players take turns as the Boss using a queue system, you enter the queue when you enter the server, type !hale or /hale to see your position in the queue. The Boss is extremely
Commission 3 vs saxton hale by shy light-d4b8p2j

- Credit to Shy Light

powerful, so caution is advised when facing him or her in close combat as the Boss will likely kill you with one hit. The enemy should be taken down with a huge amount of firepower.

In this version of VS Saxton Hale Mod, you don't actually always go up against or play as Saxton Hale, there are over 28 other unique Bosses to fight as well!

Currently, there are over twenty-five Bosses in this version of VS Saxton Hale, some of which are disabled for balancing, although these disabled Bosses may be available to some players. See Beta Bosses

Abilities that apply to all BossesEdit

  • If a Boss lands on your head, you will instantly die unless you have Ubercharge deployed on you. (In a recent update this does NOT apply to Nocturne, Bouncy , or Shadow )
  • All Bosses build Rage when they are damaged; this can build up to a maximum of 200%. Any damage taken afterwards does not increase rage and is not stored. Rage is required to be at least 100% to initiate abilities. All Bosses have their own unique ability, ranging from short bursts of strength and speed, to explosive candy that rains down from the sky. Bosses will have difficulty conquering the players unless they make use of their taunt ability (Default G). This ability does not apply to the Guardian boss.
  • Raging will also temporarily disable passive über.
  • Bosses always move 10% faster than the fastest class alive.
  • All Bosses have a unique Passive Ability or Secondary Ability. These are all unique to a Boss, similar to rage abilities. In addition to these, certain Bosses may roll an Unusual Ability when they become the Boss. These can result in a variety of effects.
  • Bosses have health scaled to multiple factors, of which enemy player numbers has the largest influence. Other factors that can affect the Bosses total health include specific player and Boss win ratios.
    Saxton hale by revdenton-d2zybr6

    Saxton Hale fighting a bear

  • Holding crouch for three seconds and then jumping while still crouched as a Boss will allow you to perform a Super-Jump, allowing you to reach higher areas. Holding crouch can also activate other abilities, such as the Warping Unusual ability.
  • Several bosses have Alternates. They function similarly to their normal counterparts, but may have some changes (different mechanics, different model and class base, different sound clips).

How to play as a bossEdit

The Hale Queue System uses a running tally 'Tokens' to determine the order of players. 'Tokens' are essentially points which are earned in one way, doing damage. The Player with the highest number of Tokens at the start of a round will become the Hale. Once they complete their turn (and only when they complete it) their Tokens are reset to 0 and they start building their way back up.

What determines the number of Tokens you get per round?

  • Do less than 50 Damage = 0 Tokens
  • Do between 50 and 599 Damage = 1 Token
  • Do between 600 and 999 Damage = 2 Tokens
  • Do more than 1000 Damage = 3 Tokens

Advantages of this System

  • People in Spectator will (obviously) not earn any tokens as they did no damage. Thus, they won't progress up the queue at all.
  • People who deal more than 600 or 1000 Damage will progress up the queue faster than those people who don't contribute to their team in a reasonable manner. (IE: Friendlies / Last Pyro Campers). 600 and 1000 Damage are not high benchmarks.
  • Tokens are updated in our database the second you earn them. This means that if one of the servers crashes at any time, and the same people rejoin when it comes back up, the queue will be exactly the same as it was before! Your Tokens are only reset once you complete your turn as Hale. So if the server crashes in the middle of your turn as Hale, just rejoin and you'll get another turn very quickly. Timing Out / Crashing will still lose you your turn though.
  • Tokens follow you around: If you have 27 Tokens and join another server, you'll have 27 Tokens there too.
  • Tokens can be earned over time. This means that if you can only play in 15-30 minute blocks, that you will continue earning Tokens and eventually get your turn as Hale where as before you wouldn't.
  • Gives players a guaranteed place instead of players being choosen at random in other VSH servers.


Players may choose Bosses under these circumstances. Default players may only choose Saxton Hale or Random. (Weekday Randoms still hold a 66% chance for Saxton Hale to appear).

  • A player may play as a specific Boss if they own a Self-Made version (obtained by contributing to a Boss creation) or Sparkling version, even if they are otherwise disabled to all players.
  • An Owner-Class admin gives you the privilege to pick Bosses, or otherwise specified by an admin.
  • Players may choose what Boss a player will be on Friday. If that player can choose a Boss, this can be overridden. The Boss player can still allow the "Player's Pick" by selecting the menu prompt.
  • When a Boss appears, their abilities will show up in a small menu box on the left of your screen, always read this for a quick and simple overview of a Bosses abilities. You can view the credits for a Boss by pressing 2 while the menu box is still there. This displays the origin of the Boss, that is, who came up with the concept, model, music and voice clips
  • If a player doesn't want to play as the Boss when it is their turn, they can simply not confirm the initial prompt and their turn will be given to another player. By pressing 5 when the selection shows up players will be put in a random draw with everyone else who volunteers. The chosen player will not lose their current spot in the queue. This applies to players that lose connection to the server while playing as the Boss, another player will take their place and the round will continue.
  • SolarFlare (the Mod's Redeveloper) or Leon (OzzyFurocity Community Manager) can use any Boss and Unusual type and may also jump the queue (or can force another player to) whenever they please. Please complain when this happens as you may not ever receive a sneak peek at a new/rare Boss.
  • During the weekend, choosing "Weekend Random" results in a more varied set of Bosses, with the exception of disabled Bosses. Saxton Hale still has a 33% chance of being rolled however.
  • Bosses With rages that darken the map will not work on VSH style maps but will work on Valve default maps.
  • All players have access to Saxton hale, Vagineer and HHHJ.

Ingame ListEdit

This is the ingame list that will prompt at the start of your round (this excludes the prompt for AFK checking)

Public This boss is publically choosable and is automatically unlocked to all players.
Donator Donators to the server can choose these bosses at will.
Testing These bosses are locked and can only be choosen if the player: contributed to the boss's creation, unlocked via the unusual4benefits program, gets lucky when an owner class admin is in the server.
Old School Access to Old School Unusual Type
Alternative Bosses have Alternative forms.
Pony Boss is a Pony.
Projectile Boss has a form of projectile attack.
Sister Double Access to Sister Double Unusual Type
Toxic Boss given a form of Death Touch (Similar to Toxic Unusual Type)
Instant Kill Boss Attacks are instant kill (hits through Dead Ringers and any form of non-uberbased Shielding)
Fear Boss's rage fears players and disables the ability to fight back during fear
Assistants Boss is given an Assistant
Friendly Fire Boss's rage turns on Friendly Fire
Visibility Boss's rage affects visibility
Stun Boss's rage stuns players
Ammo Trap Boss can spawn Ammo Trap by alt firing.
-Disabled- Hidden until made more public.
1st Page
Input Boss Tags/Info
1 Saxton Hale Default, Public, Old School, Fear, Toxic
2 Horseless Headless Horseman Jnr Old School, Fear, Public
3 Vagineer Old School, Friendly Fire, Public
4 Christian Brutal Sniper Old School, Instant Kill
5 Cuddly Heavy Donator, Visibility
6 Captain Falcon Donator, Toxic, Stun
7 Previous Page Returns to previous page
8 Next Page Continues to the next set of bosses
9 Random, Weekend Random, Player's Pick Randomizes a boss from the list, Weekend Random has higher % of custom bosses, Player's Pick decides the boss via the votes on the BLU team; it is available on Friday.
Crouch Unusual Bosses Hold for use. This will prompt for your Unusual modifier if you have access to any.
2nd Page
1 TF2 Announcer Donator, Assistants, Friendly Fire

Female Pyro

Johnny Bravo

Donator, Stun, Alternative, Visibility


Apple Bloom

Donator, Pony, Alternative, Sister Double, Projectile
4 Painis Cupcake Donator, Fear, Toxic
5 Gabe Newell Donator

Dic Soupcan

Derpy Hooves

Donator, Visibility, Pony-Alternative
3rd Page

Candy Man


Donator, Assistants, Alternative, Projectile


Miss Fortune

Donator, Toxic, Projectile
3 Joker Donator, Visibility, Toxic, Friendly Fire


Blazing Sparkz

Donator, Toxic-like, Pony-Alternative

Rainbow Dash


Donator, Pony, Stun, Alternative
6 Nocturne Donator, Visibility
4th Page
1 Wheatley Donator, Instant Kill
2 Daft Punk Duo Donator, Assistant, Stun

Pinkie Pie


Donator, Pony, Alternative, Fear, Toxic, Projectile, Visibility


Big Macintosh

Donator, Pony, Fear, Stun, Alternative, Projectile
5 Marilyn Manson Donator, Ammo Trap
6 -Disabled- Testing (Annie)
5th Page


Twilight Sparkle

Donator, Pony, Ammo Trap, Alternative, Visibility


Sweetie Belle

Donator, Pony, Visibility, 'Fear', Alternative, Sister Double
3 Trixie Donator, Pony, Visibility
4 Guardian 'Testing', Visibility
5 Doctor Octagonapus Donator, Toxic, 'Projectile'

Vinyl Scratch

Cuban Pete

Donator, Pony, Alternative
6th Page

Nightmare Moon

Princess Celestia

Donator, Pony, Alternative, Sister Double

All items (31)